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Saturday, July 22, 2017

As we get closer to the launch of the monthly subscription box, we can now present an overview of what types and quantities of products you can expect. You can place your order for your box from now onwards with your first box arriving in September 2017. 

Your monthly subscription box is filled with hand-crafted, creative, innovative and delicious desserts. Every month, your subscription box will be different, but the below gives you an illustration of what types of products you could receive.

What's Inside The Subscription Box

The subscription is priced at £20 per month and this price includes shipping to UK mainland addresses.

Individual item prices in the illustration above are: 2 x Triple Chocolate Brownie (£3), 2 x Salt & Caramel Brownie (£3), 3 x Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies (£2 each, totalling £6), 10 x Passion Fruit Marshmallows (£4), 2 x Giant Shortbread (£3) 4 x Chocolate Test Tubes With Popping Candy (£2 each, totalling £8), Shipping (£3.95), giving a total package value of over £30.

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