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Monday, July 03, 2017

Sing the song. Dance the dance. Osko & Butler brings to you an amazing concept in desserts. Highly acclaimed restauranteur "Osko" brings you this platform for curating some of the best desserts you've ever tasted.

Every month, the head chef and his highly talented team will treat you to something special. We will create new exciting recipes and innovative desserts; products you've never tasted before in ways you've never experienced before. At Osko & Butler, we design and develop a selection of desserts; we'll blog about the ideas and give you a sneak peek into what may be coming up this month.

We'll prepare the recipes and a week before the end of the month, our chefs will start sourcing the ingredients, and testing these new recipes. We then move into session days, where we create your subscription box; straight out of the oven, into packaging and delivered to your doorstep.