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Introducing Chocolate Sushi
Monday, January 08, 2018

Imagine a new dessert that you've never tried before... imagine a dessert that is actually good for you? Imagine a dessert that will get the party started... we'd like to introduce to you our amazing new product, launched today (8th January 2018), called Chocolate Sushi...

Yes, you heard right... we said Chocolate Sushi! Sushi made out of chocolate... but this is no ordinary dessert... this is something very special...

Made with organic ingredients, we wanted to bring you a healthy, natural alternative to our indulgence range and something nutritious too. Our key ingredients include dates and hazelnuts and we have no refined sugar at all, using natural maple syrup as a replacement. This delicious dessert is therefore dairy free, gluten free with no refined sugar... 

There is literally no excuse not to eat these!

These amazing delights are available in 5 different flavour combinations.

  • Kokonattsu (Coconut)
  • Miruku (Milk Chocolate)
  • Shiro (White Chocolate)
  • Dāku (Dark Chocolate)
  • Ryokucha (Matcha Green Tea)

These five different products all have very different tastes, and you can buy them individually or you can buy them as a platter.

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