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Introducing the Pina Colada Sablé
Friday, April 13, 2018

Summer is fast approaching and with the weather heating up your more than likely planning your holidays and things to do to keep you all entertained through the warmer months.

Here at Osko & Butler we are doing just that! We've been filling our diary with loads of events so we can spread the Osko love. From food festivals to local markets we have a busy few months ahead! 

Along with all the excitement of getting out and about and meeting with all you lovely followers, our Head Chef has been hard at work in the kitchens putting together a delicious new treats PERFECT for that summer sun indulgence! 

The sable is a delicious buttery biscuit, originating in the west of France. Here at Osko & Butler, we have taken this glorious biscuit and added our spin on it! 

Imagine not one, but two sables, sandwiched together with the most divine filling... Sounds pretty amazing right? 

Well imagine that same mouthwatering sable filled with the unforgettable flavours of your favourite beach cocktail, the Pina Colada. 

Introducing the Pina Colada Sable! 

It's the delicious crumble of the sable biscuit, combined with a sensationally sweet and sharp pineapple and decedent coconut filling which come together to create a heavenly, extremely moreish, summer sun indulgence that will become an essential item on your summer shopping list. 

These delectible goodies are available to purchase on the website now, so if you haven't already tried them, what are you waiting for? 

Also, if you happen to spot us out and about in the upcoming months, please do pop over and say hi!