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Mini Shortbread Heaven
Monday, January 08, 2018

One of the immediate hits at Osko & Butler were the mini-shortbread packs that we release in our October Indulgence box. Bite-size buttery and super delicious mini shortbread packs, originally flavoured with Passionfruit, then Green Tea and in our Diwali East meets West box, we introduced Chai Tea mini-shortbread...

One of the most common questions on Facebook and Instagram from our amazing followers were whether they could just buy loads of these and forgo the rest of the box...! That is how much you guys love these amazing delights.

Well, to kick of 2018 in style, we've now launched our amazing mini-shortbread into new shortbread tins which are available in a variety of flavours.

We've got a new category for Mini Shortbread, which you can access to see our range, and we're launching this week with two amazing flavours:


Our vanilla mini-shortbread are bite-sized pieces of amazing buttery shortbread which simply melt in your mouth. The vanilla flavour compliments these scrumptious and delectable items of delight.

Chai Tea 

Spice up your life, with these scrumptious, crumbly and warming chai tea flavoured mini-shortbread. These are flavoured with tea, cardamom and giners, to create a very distinct and unique flavour...

We've got some new packaging too, and these amazing delicious items will be available in tins of 30 mini-shortbread...

These tins are perfect for your desk, your kitchen or your living room and with 30 mini-shortbread in each tin, they're the perfect size for sharing...