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The One For Mum
Friday, February 16, 2018

It’s the day where we stop and take notice of the special women in our lives. Mothers, Carers, Aunts, Mother-In Laws, Grandmothers... any woman who means something special to you, and it’s one of those fantastic days that if you forget it you will probably be reminded of it for the rest of the year!

Celebrating these wonderful women isn't a new tradition, it’s a day steeped in history. Take Greek Mythology for example, they held Spring festivals to honour the maternal goddess Rhea. In Former Yugoslavia, children would tie their mothers up on Mother’s Day, and freedom came at the cost of treats for her kids. I can honestly say, as the mother of two young boys, that as long as they tied me up in a quiet room I would quite happily enjoy the break and spend most of the day there.

But this one day really gives us all a chance to reflect on how much our lives have been moulded by these amazing women. Women who have given up so much to ensure that we would never go without, women who have spent time helping us to become who we are today, and women who are there for us no matter what.

That’s why, here at Osko & Butler, we have formed a gift range especially for these inspiring women. We have created a beautifully luxurious gift box bursting with delectable treats that are too good to share. Packed full of our indulgent Berry Brownies, perfect Strawberry Cheesecake cookies, our melt in the mouth Mini Shortbreads, 8 ingeniously flavoured Chocolate tubes and our new incredible Chocolate Bliss balls, the “One for Mum” box, really is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

We can even include your personalised message, so you can let your lucky Mama know how much she means to you. Gift wrapping? No need! Our boxes are so attractive, you’ll probably find it in a few years, filled to the brim with little keepsakes your mums been keeping for you!  

So, on Sunday the 11th March (SAVE THE DATE!) don't forget to pick up the phone to remind a loved one that you’re so very thankful for the input they have had in your life, or if you’re not so good with words, pop it into an Osko & Butler gift box! Remember, it’s the thought that counts.