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The Indulgence Box
Friday, April 13, 2018


I've been thinking long and hard about the best way forward with my dieting plan and the best way to loose weight and I've come to a really simple conclusion... Its all pointless! 

Take the seasonal calendar that we all live by, it dictates that sweet treats should be purchased for various celebrations through the year. 


Obviously the kids get bought far too many eggs, to the extent that it would be potentially life threatening to allow them to gorge on all 73Kgs of chocolate. So, as any decent parent does to save their child from harm, we secretly munch our way through no less than half an egg after bedtime. Its not our fault, its just one of the many responsibilities of parenting.


Food Festivals, Beer Festivals, Pizza Festivals, Chocolate Fest.... you get it.There are LOTS of festivals. and there is absolutely no point in popping along to one of these amazing event's unless you are willing to try, try and try some more! Heck you've had a cheese toastie every week since you left school but have you even lived if you haven't paid top dollar for a street vendor version? Then there's the sweet treats... all of the sweet treats. Top tip, always festival in groups, meaning you can all share more deserts. And if you happen to spot an Osko & Butler stand DEFINITELY pop over to say hi!! 


Parent or not, your screwed. You always dutifully buy a bag of treats for the trick or treaters, or 3 because they're on such a good deal, then come Halloween you realise you forgot to get a pumpkin for the front door. Now your the house no one wants to knock at... so your left with your 3 bags of treats and only a few weeks to get rid of them before the next celebrations.


Advent calendar, Mulled wine, Yule Logs, Mince Pies, Baileys.... its an indulgent ending to another fabulous year. It's cold outside, you need your thermal layers so you eat some more. 


On top of all that, you have birthdays, weddings, religious festivals, local celebrations.

At what point in that schedule is there time for me to deny myself a gooey brownie or a quick sweet fix with a chocolate tube (trust me, try them).

There isn't! In fact the more I try to deny myself these little guilty pleasures the more I find myself allowing myself treats. If I just structured my sweet treats I wouldn't find myself craving the naughty's, you always want something more when you know you cant have it. But if I can have it will I want it as much? Maybe I'll just eat one brownie rather than 8. Who knows?


But that right there is my new diet plan for the rest of this year. I'm going to allow myself to have the sweet treats in the house so I wont indulge as much in special situations. So a luxury indulgence box seems like the smart solution to a constant problem! New treats, every month, delivered right to your door! 

And who says sweet treats need to be unhealthy anyway?? Osko & Butler have some DELICIOUS chocolate sushi, made with the finest ingredients and packed full of goodness... there's just one sweet treat to keep close by. 



Oh, and when you realise it's time to treat a loved one, you can order them a box too! New baby? Year older? Just want to remind them you love them? There is a box for that, and a luxury personalised insert to let them know just how much they mean to you!