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The October Box
Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The October Box introduced some amazing new desserts to our ever growing collection of lovely edibles and was a massive hit with our subscribers and followers...

Inside the box were the following incredible sweet treats:

Snap Crackle & Pop Peanut Butter Brownie
Delicious swirls of smooth, creamy, peanut butter mixed with chocolate chunks make this milk chocolate brownie a beautiful combination of rich flavours. The top is coated with chocolate covered Rice Krispies top to make this brownie a treat of textures that make every bite an inevitable joy.

The Frosted White Chocolate Blondie
If you’re a fan of white chocolate then this is the one for you! The base is a melt in your mouth, gooey, soft white chocolate blondie blended with white chocolate chips and finished off with white chocolate coated Frosties. Could this be a breakfast game changer?

Lemon Meringue Bar
A crisp biscuit base dipped in chocolate with a zesty lemon meringue middle gives this bar a delectable citrus crunch that softly crumbles in the mouth.

Tropical Chocolate & Coconut Cookie
This rich and indulgent chocolatey cookie is bursting with coconut, leaving a tropical tingle on your tongue. It gives you a taste of the Caribbean.

Passionfruit Mini Shortbreads
The sweet tantalising flavour of passion fruit is felt on your taste buds with every mouthful of these crumbly, buttery delicious mini shortbreads. A bag of sweet treats to share….or not.

Pistachio & Cherry White Chocolate Fudge
This fudge combination mixes a handful of real pistachio pieces into sweet and creamy white chocolate cherry fudge. Each delicious mouthful is mellow, nutty, creamy and crunchy. Definitely an autumnal delicacy.

White Chocolate Pearls
This refined, sophisticated and absolutely delicious white chocolate powder is infused with a hint of olive oil to give it an elegant flavour. The valrhona pearls give this powder a silky smooth finish. A tasty treat to help you wind down after a busy day.

Chocolate Spark
Tongue-Tastic chocolate flavored popping candy mixed into our home-made melt in your mouth chocolate powder. This will be a welcomed explosion in your mouth.

A few mouth-watering pictures:

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